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Black Gay Video December 2017

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I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

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gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about Jovonnie . Ummm My Fantasy is I decided to take a day off and while doing some house work I hear this knock on my door I go to open it and I see Jovonne there standing asking to use my phone to call for a ride for his car had broken down so I was doing some work on my ceiling fan on a step ladder and when he was done with his call he ask if he can stay awhile for his ride won't be here for another hour so I said sure he then ask if I needed any help with the fan I said well i've got it but I also fall and he holds me up by pushing me back up but the only place he could put his hands to keep me up was my ass so I said thank you and he says my pleasure but he is still holding my ass and says I better keep holding you so you won't fall again I said that would be nice and while he was holding he starts to slowly caress my ass I let out a low moan he then says umm it's getting hot in here mind if I take my shirt off I say oh not at all I don't mind just let me come down and hang it up for you as I was coming down the ladder he was still in the same spot standing with no shirt on as I was getting to the bottom of the ladder my ass rubbed against his chest and slide right down and stop right by his now hard dick I was so lost in thought by what was happen I had forgotten what I came down to do I started to say um I I I forgot what I was going to do he then said let me remind you and he started to softly kiss me in the side of my neck uummm I totally forgot what I got down to do but this is better he then slide my shirt from the back over my head and off he then he turned me around slowly we looked in each others eyes then we slowly lean forward to have the most soft and gentle but passionate kiss I have ever felt in my life I mean it was like WOW I heard music and saw fireworks and it all felt like a dream luckly the fan was in my bedroom so he just layed me back onto the bed sucking my neck going down and sucking on my nipples one after the other then down to my belly button he looked up at me and I knew what he was going to do next but I wanted himm to feel the pleasure I was feeling so I moved my body until we were in the 69 position uummm the way he sucked on my dick made my eyes roll back in my head and I can hear him moaning loudly from the attention I was giving to his dick also and that turn me on even more I just had to have him inside of me and fast before you know it the comdom was on we were all lubed up and ready to go I told him to go slow I want to feel him going in to me inch by inch and he did and DAMN did that shit feel Gooooood I couldn't keep my emotions in any longer I started to moan loudly uummmm yes hhhuuummm at this time he was long dicking me and I almost hit the roof it felt so good and he then started to pick up the rythem OMG he was pounding my ass now and I was pushing back to his ever trust it was so good and hot that we both felt like cumming but he said he wanted to face me when we came so he turned me over and his shoulders had my legs pushing back towards my body and now he was really pounding my ass we both could feel the climaxing building again and me not touching my dick but still getting close to my climax we looked into each others eyes and then it happen I shot my load which my first shot flew right up my stomch, chest and neck and ass my ass clinch as I was cumming he then started to cum and I can feel his dick pulsing as he shout his load it was so much I lost count cause I was still on the high from that massive cum I just had still in me he lead in and we locked our lips in another passionate kiss we then decided to take a shower and get freshing up but it seems we did more than trying to get freshen up but thats to be continued for this story has me all hot now wwwwoooo hhuuummmm THE END or is it......