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Black Gay Video December 2017

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I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about TysonTKO . Oh God, he is absolutely gorgeous!I am a white man living in South Africa and I absolutely adore the blackmen, and he is the best! He drives me absolutely crazy. I love the smell and taste of the blackmen, so I like him to be smelly and full of sweat, so I can lick his whole body from top to bottom, every inch of it, the feet, the asshole (with my tongue deep into his hole), the armpits, then I like to have his piss into my mouth, at the same time he squeezes my nipples hard and spanks me. Then he puts his oh so beautiful and hard cock into mouth (oh the taste and the smell!) and starts ramming his black dick down my throat! Then he pins me to the floor on my back, slaps my face hard and bends my legs backwards. His hard beautiful cock is now ready to enter my arse and fuck me, I want to see your face when you are fucking me. Baby, don't use condoms, I want your cock in my arse as it is. With one big thrust he enters me arse, I scream, but I am happy as never before. I look into his beautiful eyes and he says, I am going to fuck you like never before. With long big powerful thrusts he is fucking me. Oh, the pain in unbearable and he puts his own hand over my mouth, otherwise I scream. But he nevers stops, he fucks harder, he sweats and the sweat is falling over my face. Never stop, I manage to scream, I do everything for you. Then he stops, takes his cock out, turns me over and enters me again from behind. He fucks me even more powerful, I think I explode, but without mercy he rams his cock in and out, each thrust more powerful, more forceful. I scream now constantly, but I know I have the most gorgeous man inside my body and I know he can do whatever he wants to do with me. Oh Tyson, oh Tyson, with you I would be in paradise.