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Black Gay Video December 2017

(reading is fundamental!)

I've read the agreement and I'm ready to

enter da booty

gay black booty

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A sexual fantasy about Chas and TearDrop. lets see what would i do to him. first i would rub his back give him a foot message then i would do what ever he wanted me 2 do 2 him or for him. hes to fucking sexy for words so i would wite him a poem telling him how sexy and fly he is. to tell you the truth i would lick him from head to toe.but i would stop at his ass and eat the shit out of that ass while im doing that i would pull on hie dreads and tell him to turn around so i could suck his dick then i would tell himt o brake my back and fuck me untill i said stop konwing me i wouldnt say stop while im ridind him i would roll up a blunt and give it to him and then i would hop off him and tell him give it to me doggie style.after that we would go take s shower and then fuck againg and again untill he nutted all over and in my ass