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A sexual fantasy about Jovonnie . I see him walking through the Inner Harbor in Baltimore looking around on a sunny day. Knowing that I have a pack of ciggarettes in my pocket, I go up to to ask for a smoke just cause he looks good. After he gives me a smoke, I ask him what he's up to cause he looks lost. He tells me that his name is Jovonne and he's visiting. I ask him if he wants me to show him around cause I'm just floating around the Baltimore/DC area and he agrees. He told me that he did want to see a movie though so we go back to his hotel room to look online for start times. While in the room, one thing leads to another and he asks me if I ever thought about being with a dude. I let him know that I have and that I have been with dudes before. He suddenly just kisses me and kiss back. He starts squeezing my ass while we're kissing and I start rubbing on his dick. I can feel that he's hard and that it's FAR from small. I explain to him that I usually don't get fucked but I want to try getting fucked by him. He promised to be slow and promised I wouldn't regret it. I felt HUGE pain that suddenly turned to pleasure. After awhile, he increased his speed and put me in every position known to man. Our night ends with him cumming all over stomach, sucking my dick until I cum, and enjoying each others company for the rest of his vacation.