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Outster - Cum Here For Gay Porn

A sexual fantasy about Jovonnie . My fantasy is to lick his entire body from his head all the way down to every single toe, slob on his dick get it nice wet and sloppy, push his legs back and lick on his nuts.... then go even further to licking all in his ass hole til it gets all wet, and kissing all in the hole til he wants me to stop..... the I lay across the bed and let him fuck me deep and slow to get me loose, then start pounding me til scream..... and when he feels like he's about to nut, pull out of me and take the condom off, get on his knees right over my face and jack off til his nut cums and let it squirt all in my mouth..... and when he's done lays down on the bed and let me lick all the extra nut of his dick, and lick it off his hand and fingers.....