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A sexual fantasy about Too Gutta . My fantasy is to meet a guy in a resturant and he is the waiter. He serves me and then later develops the urge to show me where the bathroom is. He takes me to a back room instead, switches the light off and starts to touch me. Strips me naked, makes me feel his package and he is all hard. He places me on my knees with not uttering a word. He shoves his large black dick in my mouth amd holds my head flush with his dick going down and out my throat. He rubs it all on my face making me greedy to lick him. He then kneels down behind me, tempting to slide it in but rims me instead. Later, he bends me where my head is on the ground, my legs split and my ass up to the height of his thick dick. He lubricates me with his sliver and shoves his cock deep in me, making sure every inch is fully in. He Fucks me slowly whilst picking up my right leg and arching his back whilst piercing himself in me. His left hand holding my left shoulder, riding me harder, he suddenly pulls it out and turns me on my back and spreads my legs wide open, placing them on his shoulders and shoving his dick in me when looking at me. I feel him ready to explode, the vein getting thicker, he going faster and harder. I try to push him out be he has me in a corner that I have no escape. He leaned back when yelling, I feel every drop pour in me like an open tap. He hold it in me till every drop is out. He pulls it out and makes me lick him down.